Our Services

24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week, state-wide Victoria.

We offer flexible, personalised, self-directed support services for people of all ages – babies, teenagers and adults, who require assistance in their day to day lives.

We support people with a disability funded by:

  • NDIS
  • Transport Accident Commission (TAC)
  • WorkSafe Victoria
  • Insurance Agencies
  • Hospitals
  • Local Councils
  • Community Service Organisations
  • Privately funded Individual Support Packages
  • Self-funded individuals

The individualised services we offer include:

Care and Goal Planning

Ours is a precise service that supports a client’s Care Plan in conjunction with their goals and aspirations. Our service includes ongoing monitoring and management to ensure we continue to deliver quality support that aligns with our client’s changing needs.

Our aim is to support and enable every person to live the life they want. Our service is all about YOU.

In-Home Support

Preparation of routine and assistance with daily activities, including Personal Care tasks such as bathing, grooming, dressing, and personal hygiene.

Community Access and Development of Life-Skills

Providing or coordinating access to facilities and services. Participation and development of skills to access the community with ongoing assistance and support.

Mental Health Support (Psychosocial Disability)

A specialist team of staff coordinating programs for people with long-term mental health support requirements.

Complex High Care Health Support

 Medical/health care support, managing gastronomy (PEG) feeding, respiratory support, ventilator and tracheostomy support.

Holiday Support

Support for domestic/international trips, short or extended periods away.

Access to Advocacy

We support the right of every person to use an advocate in relation to any aspect of our services; to represent your rights, protect and defend your welfare and justice, support empowerment, enable participation, and be present an/or communicate on your behalf within the community or with our company.

Access to Interpreters

If you, or a member of your support network require interpretation or translation services to assist with your understanding of our services, we are happy to connect you to resources in your region.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Access to Services

We acknowledge that First Peoples with a disability and their families are amongst the most disadvantaged and disempowered members of the Australian community and recognise the value in ensuring Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have access to respectful support, a right to inclusion in their community and have support staff who understand their culture and actively pursue their wellbeing and equality in their daily lives.

Victoria has a proud and strong Aboriginal history and complex ownership and land stewardship systems dating back many thousands of years. We operate our services in respect of the Traditional Owners of the land on which we operate on.

Case Management Liaison

We work collaboratively with Case Managers and relevant network partners, our clients and their families or guardians to ensure every person receives the highest quality individualised care.