Our Support Workers

Our support staff undergo a rigorous pre-employment screening procedure to ensure they meet the National Quality and Safeguards standards of engagement. They are highly skilled and experienced, holding the required training and relevant qualifications to ensure we can provide a team that supports equality, commitment, respect and professionalism.

Meet the Team

Our experienced and passionate Management Team aim to lead change and growth and we aim to provide clearly defined outcomes and support services to meet the physical, emotional, social, spiritual and intellectual needs of our clients.


Karl  –  Director

Tarina  Operations Manager

Tara – Client Services Manager

Alanna – Service Manager

Hollyanne – Executive Assistant

Direct Services Department

Children and Complex Care Support Services
Mental Health Support Services
Disability Support Services
TAC Support Services
Adult Disability Support Services

Kathy – Team Leader

Maisie – Service Coordinator

Lauren Service Coordinator

Janine Service Coordinator

Rebecca Service Coordinator

Tegan  Service Coordinator

Fiona  Service Coordinator

Lauren – Team Leader

Joyce – Service Coordinator

Maddison – Service Coordinator

Heidi – Service Coordinator

Briarna – Service Coordinator

Ivy – Service Coordinator

Eilish – Service Coordinator

Hope – Service Coordinator

Rachael – Team Leader

Amy – Service Coordinator

Robaba – Service Coordinator

Karyn – Service Coordinator

Andi – TAC Services Manager

Maxine – Service Coordinator

Kimberlly – Service Coordinator

Laura – Team Leader

Ashlee – Service Coordinator

Sarah – Service Coordinator

Operational Department

Administration Team
Business Services Team

Georgia – Team Leader

Laura – Administration Officer

Tegan – Administration Officer

Maye – Administration Officer

Karen – Team Leader

Sarah –  Senior Business Services Administration

Kate – Payroll Manager

Quality Team
Recruitment Team

Ruth – Quality Manager

Emma Quality Officer

Tiane – Administration Officer Compliance and Training

Patricia – Administration Officer Compliance and Training

Angela – Team Leader

Liz – Recruitment Coordinator

Molly – Recruitment Coordinator

Victoria – Junior Recruitment Coordinator