NDIS Support Services

At LCS, we aim to provide the highest standard of disability support services for people funded by the National Disability Insurance Scheme, fostering your needs, goals, and preferences at the centre of service delivery. Our NDIS funded supports are Statewide Victoria and on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.

Our services will always be centred around you.

As a registered NDIS provider, we can assist you with any of the following support (click to read more):

Assistance with Personal Activities

No matter how much or how little support you need to get going, we have driven support workers to make your daily personal care needs a priority, so can experience the best of your every day. Your goals, preferences and needs inform the way our Support Workers assist in achieving your personal and health goals.

Community Access

If your NDIS plan is funded for community participation – the options about how you would like to use those funds is completely up to you. LCS will support you to get out and about in the community, but the possibilities are endless. Would you like to meet new people or try new things? Would you like to do an art class, go to a café or learn how to play an instrument? Would you like to play a sport or go to the library? You decide – your goals, your life!
Community Participation is funded in your NDIS plan under Core Supports (Assistance with Social & Community Participation) or Capacity Building Supports (Increased Social & Community Participation.)

Development of Life Skills

People with a disability should be able to contribute to their communities, socially and economically. Lifestyle Centred Services aims to help with participation by fostering opportunities for you to do so. This could be as simple as assisting you to access public transport, or helping you to manage your personal safety.
This can be delivered in your home, in the community, and if appropriate and agreed to by all parties, in the context of your day to day lifestyle, such as at educational facilities or at your place of employment.

Life Stage Transition Support

Our team can work with you to prepare schedules for daily, weekly or longer term support making sure that every stage of life that your supports are assisting you to achieve your goals. We can help with budgeting processes, planning for expenses, making sure you have support during periods of change and transition in your life, all the while providing you with a service that is tailored and responsive to your goals and needs. This might include:
· Building skills
· Development of independent living skills and self-care
· Financial mentoring
· Planning and budgeting
· Establishing supportive networks
· Linking you to other support services and programs
· Help with decision making

High Intensity Support

LCS has been a provider of High Care Supports since it is inception. Our skilled staff can assist with an array of high care needs such as:
· Complex Bowel Care
· Tracheostomies
· PEG feeding
· Urinary Catheters
· Epilepsy and Seizures
· Stoma Care
· Diabetes Management
· Mealtime Preparation
· Pressure Care and Wound Management
· Help for people with a Behaviour Support Plan in place

Early Childhood Supports

Our dedicated children’s team are passionate about ensuring children get the necessary supports they need to foster happy, safe and productive environments during their precious childhood years. LCS has years of dedicated experience for children aged 0 – 7 years of age. Support Workers can help with every day tasks, get children out and about, assist with medication, behavioural support, or provide assistance for higher healthcare needs.