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September 2019

The Internal Jobs Board

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A variety of jobs will be available – for placement with clients with a disability or mental health concerns, as well as administrative positions from time to time.

You will need to keep in mind that your application will be assessed against other external applicants; that your roster must not clash with the required shifts for the role; and that you will need up-to-date documentation for your application to be considered. All you will need  to do is enter your name and submit it to the Recruitment Team using the ‘submit’ button on the job posting. They will assess your current details to see whether you will be a suitable applicant for the role.

As always, LCS always leaves the final decision to employ someone for the program with the client and their support network.

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Our Guidedog in Training – Nerryn

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Nerryn joined Lifestyle Centred Services Head Office team in October 2018 as a Guidedog in Training, living with our Operations Manager, Tarina Venturin.

Nerryn has become a staple of our every day here in Seaford, and enjoys greeting us every morning, one by one, snoozing under our desks and eating carrots!

Having Nerryn around has been a wonderful time for all of us at Head Office and she’s grown up so much since we first laid eyes on her as a 10 week old puppy.

Nerryn has been undergoing some rigorous training ready to be a guidedog for one very special owner when her time comes. We’re all a little sorry to say that we don’t think she’ll be with us for too much longer. Tarina especially is anticipating a very big change for her. Dogs just have the ability to grab you by your heart and never let go, but we hope she is just the first of many Guidedogs we can help train up ready for some very important work throughout their very special lives.

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